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    optimisation processes

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  4. You enjoy more free time
    and Adwords profit!

Maintaining your Adwords account yourself? Stop wasting time!

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Do you want to save time AND make more money from Adwords?

Daryl Mander
Paid Search Nerd
Founder of Spitflare & Big Flare

Like most small business owners, you advertise on Adwords & know that you should keep doing it. But, you don’t have the time to check it every day and you don’t have the budget for a pointlessly-expensive Adwords agency. It’s a bit of a conundrum, right?

Don’t sweat! I designed Spitflare with you in mind. We provide a system of automatic Adwords optimisations that keep your account in good health, at a fraction of the cost of your typical Adwords agency.

A typical agency will charge you thousands of dollars per month and will do some work restructuring your account up-front. As the months go by though, they’ll slip into “autopilot” mode. They’ll run a few weekly optimisations and send a report once in a while. And they’ll continue to charge you thousands of dollars per month for this basic work!

Spitflare is different. We’ve taken out all the bells and whistles you don’t need from an Adwords agency and we’ve created systems and software that optimise your campaign. The best bit: it costs less than half of what an average agency would charge you.

Ready to get 80% of the results of an Adwords agency at less than half the cost?

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Using an Adwords agency that has your account on “autopilot"? Stop wasting money!

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What’s Included

For one simple price you get all the following types of optimisation for Search and Shopping campaigns.

  • Keywords

    We monitor the search queries people type in to find your site and constantly add new ad groups, negative keywords and keywords to maximize relevant traffic.

  • Bids

    You tell us the goals, we decide the bid strategy, our software optimises keyword bids and all bid modifiers on a daily basis to hit your goals.

  • Ad Groups
    Ad Groups

    We monitor your ad groups and make sure each one is profitable, pausing any that are wasting money.

  • Ads

    We A/B split test your ads and write all the new ad copy for you.

  • Alerts

    We set up automatic alerts to let you know if any problems occur in the account (performance drop, ads pointing to error page, sudden change in conversions, etc.)

  • Reporting

    We give you a report that is updated automatically every day so you get real-time performance data.

  • Search

    Our optimisation package works on all Search network campaigns (sorry, no Display network, yet!). We'll work on every active Search campaign and ad group in your account.

  • Shopping

    We'll optimise your Shopping CPC bids, including all modifiers, down to the item or SKU level on a daily basis.

  • Email Support
    Email Support

    You'll have an account manager with unlimited email support (fair usage policy applies). Ask us anytime about your account and get a fast response.

What's NOT Included

  • Display Network
    Display Network

    Currently our package only works for Search & Shopping campaigns. Google Display Network may be supported in the future.

  • Other Traffic Sources
    Other Traffic Sources

    For example, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc. This service is for Adwords Search & Shopping campaigns only.

  • Off-Spec Optimisations
    Off-Spec Optimisations

    Any other type of optimisation not included in our list is not included in the price. You may request additional work in your Adwords account and this will be quoted and paid for prior to the work commencing.

  • New Accounts
    New Accounts

    Spitflare is an optimisation package for existing Adwords accounts. We don't set up brand new accounts or campaigns.

Get weekly optimisations plus daily alerts and reporting.


Who’s This For?

Sorry guys and gals, Spitflare ain’t for everyone. Our service will work for you if you:

  • Have already been advertising on Adwords for 6+ months

  • Already have conversion tracking installed

  • Have a clear
    CPA/ROI/ROAS goal

  • Are profitable on
    Adwords or fairly close to it

“After 6 years of paltry results with our self-managed Adwords campaign, Daryl stepped in and put us on the right track in a matter of days…Don’t pass up the opportunity to work with Daryl, he’s a true professional.”

Joseph Hughes
Dynamic Design Group

90 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

If we don’t improve your CPA or ROI in the first 90 days of optimising your account, we’ll refund 100% of your money. If we don’t complete every single one of our weekly optimisations, every single week, we’ll refund 100% of your money. If you’re not totally satisfied with the our customer service, we’ll refund 100% of the money.

So, our service is truly risk-free. What are you waiting for?

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