One Plan. One Price. Easy!

We like to keep things simple. That’s why with Spitflare, there’s one price, one package, and everything’s included. We don’t use the traditional pricing gimmicks. There’s no “cheap” version with only half the features, and there’s no “pro” version with loads of stuff you don’t need for an over-the-top price. So, the choice is simple, do you want a more profitable, hassle-free Adwords campaign NOW, or not?


Spitflare Standard Plan

$295 + 3% Ad Spend

Spitflare’s enthusiasm and passion is remarkable. It was a pleasure to work with Daryl and the team who carefully listened to what we wanted and provided prompt and reliable service. Highly recommended!

Adam Vidovic,


$295 / month + 3% ad spend
  • Daily automated bid management
  • Daily automated performance alerts
  • Daily ad split-testing
  • Daily performance reports
  • Weekly ad copy writing
  • Weekly keyword optimisation
  • Weekly optimisation summary emails
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What networks / campaign types on Adwords does this work for?

We optimise Search and Shopping campaigns, and all sub-types of those such as Dynamic Search Ads, Remarketing Lists For Search, etc. We DON’T currently optimise the Google Display Network.

Does this work on Google Display Network?

Nope. Not Yet. Sorry.

How long does set up take?

The set up is normally completed within 48hrs of you signing up. Our optimisations begin straight after that.

What if I need some odd jobs done?

Our simply priced package includes the optimisations specified and nothing else. If you’d like us to do an odd-job or two in Adwords (fix your conversion tracking, research your competitors, create some new ad groups for a new product you launched) we can do this for an extra fee. Contact your account manager to request a quote.

Do you offer Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Adroll, etc?

Nope, sorry, not yet. Right now we only have search and shopping campaigns on Google’s Search Network (plus Search Partners)

What do I do if I want to cancel?

You cancel any time by emailing your account manager. We’ll uninstall our software for you and will stop our optimisations processes.